June 27

How to feed your freelancer



me and plate2Congratulations! You have a new freelancer. With a little care your pal will flourish and in no time at all you two will be quite a pair – perhaps even the life of the party. After all, who doesn’t like to see a freelancer dance, beg or even play dead?
Before the fun begins, take some time to learn about the nourishing diet that will keep her healthy and active. Freelancers don’t need much, and they always give back so much in return.
Provide nutrients from these four groups and your  freelancer will make you a proud client:

Dish up meat and potatoes

Your freelancer needs lots of fresh information. Minimal preparation is required, although it does take a little time to separate the fat from the lean. It’s worth the effort! When your hungry freelancer gets terrific direction from you it enhances his performance. As Dawn, fellow freelancer enthusiast, warns, “Garbage goes in, garbage comes out.”

A word of caution: Hand-fed freelancers grow quite tame and may even become docile. There’s no harm in getting him to do a little leg work. He may grumble, but pay no mind – research is good for him.

Be ready for seconds

Remember, your freelancer wants to please you, and nothing makes her happier than to see the smile on your face when a job is well done. Be sure to put some thought into the feedback you give her. When you know what you want from her and let her know, she can give it to you. You’ll both be so excited when you have excellent results.

Alas, the mind-reader freelancer is but a myth. Many a client has placed too much store in this unproven ability and has been sadly disappointed. Don’t blame your buddy if she can’t read your mind. Believe me, she wishes she could!

Give him fibre, fibre, fibre!

All living things need to keep things moving, and we have found that the regular payment of invoices does the trick nicely for freelancers. Always try to pay within six weeks or you take the chance that your freelancer will refuse to perform the usual tricks. His coat may even lose its lovely sheen!

You should not be surprised if your freelancer charges you for late payment. It’s your chum’s way of getting you to notice that something isn’t right.

Serve up a little sugar now and then

You may be tempted to give your freelancer a little something sweet. You know how much you enjoy it! The good news is, it’s not only acceptable, it’s highly recommended.

Introduce sugar slowly. Start with, “Thank you” or maybe even “Great job.” On those days when you’re in a rush, even a smiley face emoticon will do! Freelancers who are regularly rewarded will often surprise their clients – we know of one who even performs on weekends.

Everything you’ve heard about the joys of having a freelancer is true…it can relieve your stress and impress your gang. Like all the best things in life, so much depends on the effort you put into it. Provide your loyal friend with the nourishment she needs and she will delight you again and again. You may count the fact that you are a great client among your finest achievements!