January 10

What’s my street cred?

More than 25 years ago my boss in the marketing department at Humber College agreed to give me freelance writing assignments while I went to university to study English. By the time I had my degree I was hooked on the freelance life.

The same boss was married to Dave Nichol’s executive assistant. (Back then Nichol’s famous grocery flyer the Loblaws Insider’s Report had a cultish following of foodies.) She put in a good word and eventually I was working with Nichol.

All these years later, much of my freelance work can be traced to that couple and their faith in me, for which I am eternally grateful.

My expertise includes all things print:
– newsletters
– pack copy
– product descriptions
– websites
– email/eblasts

A sample from my client list:
– Loblaws
– Ryerson University
– US Foods
– Nestlé
– Rogers
– PC Financial
– Jamieson Vitamins


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