January 10

Why a blog, why me, why now?

Not infrequently, I get email from young writers and artists who want to launch a career in freelance. We meet for coffee, and for a couple of hours I field questions such as, How much should I charge? And, How do I get regular clients?

My answers are not the ones they want. Along with the ephemeral pleasures of freelance, I say, there is the banality of loneliness. Before there is financial comfort, and even amidst it, there is sacrifice. There are bigger, deeper rivers to be forged than the ones they imagine.

The Hooky Player’s Guide to Freelance is our chat over coffee. It’s that helpful information no one else will tell you – the true things that I know, in my heart of hearts, that will either make or break your career as a freelancer.

Over time, I hope to address some of those the issues, including :

– surviving downtime
– handling rejection
– controlling your ego
– living in isolation
– managing authority issues
– understanding the unspoken rules of freelance


  1. By Dawn on

    Hi Lori! I worked with you when I was at AdEx/LCL many lifetimes ago. I’m looking for a copywriter for a small project. If you are still as good as I remember, please give me a boo!


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